Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Big Trip to the City!

With summer's end drawing near, its important to celebrate,
All of the wonderful things that made our summer so great!
Group workouts and sunshine, then some swimming holes dips.
So we combined all this fun, into one camping adventure trips.

Ten brave Stratton Souls signed up for the journey north,
As we venture toward Burlington, only human powered henceforth.
Between bikes, shoes, and roller skis, we'd make our destination,
Thus the completion of the first ever training migration.

The first step was Manchester, where we saddled up for ride one,
The eighty miles until Middlebury were all under an unrelenting sun.
The crew opted for an add on, and cruised along the lake until lunch,
Where we stopped in a gazebo for a well deserved munch.

Then with a quick grocery store run and a final four mile flight,
We made it to the barn, where we'd be staying the night.
After a quick swimming hole run, we napped and lawn gamed,
And prepped veggies and burger to be cooked and grill flamed.

After Eli's great grill work and some hearty deserts,
We lay down for the night so our butts wouldn't hurts,
Until we woke up to leave, just to get right back in the seats,
To bike to the hiking, another couple hundred vertical feets.

We detoured a downed bridge, and made it to Lincoln Gap's top,
Where the crew ran a foggy twelve miles, right to their lunch stop.
Though the view was sub par, but the lunch was in force,
And fueled some more hiking, and then a bike ride or course!

Down Appalachian gap they rode, to Mt. Philo campground,
Which led to a nice swim, and pizza with a sunset all around.
Before we fell asleep, though, we started an exciting new trend,
A few games of Mafia, and poor Will we could not defend.

The next morning we finally roller skied towards our goal,
And took to Shelburne Farms, and a the tractor ride stroll.
The cows were being milked, and the cheese was a churning,
But we had to get to Burlington, and for the beach we were yearning.

So to the bikes one last time, they rode confidently as a group,
Through the bike paths of the city, and on to our coop.
Where the whiffle was played, and the pesto pasta ate,
And the s'mores & in-tent Mafia kept us occupied until late.

They deserved every second, after such an amazing feat,
To arrive in Burlington by their own power is really quite neat.
Through long miles they pushed, their butts ever sore,
And somehow they were always ready for more.

Then in victorious fashion, they all then took to the seas,
With Annie P & Jessie, we Kayaked into a stiff breeze.
With waves crashing over, they held their composure and skill,
And navigated back to shore, but they loved the thrill.

And finally to the city, where they wandered and dined,
To enjoy the spoils of their effort, to finally unwind.
Congrats to all adventurers, you continually impressed all,
Now enjoy your last days of summer, because now its time for fall.

Pictures! Thanks to Julia + Pip for these. And, special thanks to Kam for breaking the wind all day, Eli for cooking, and my parents for the barn space and desert. 

New Record on 2 Mile Test

 Records are made to be broken and this morning Silas Talbot crushed our 2 mile uphill record by 31 seconds!
 Kyle B and Paddy C also ran very fast times with the 2nd and 4th fastest times to date.
 Oscar F and Ben S duke it out at the 1 mile mark.
 Our SMS boys pushed each other hard and this led to 3 PR's :).
 Annie H knocked 1 second off of her PR and is within 10  seconds of the female course record.
 Annie P, Erika and KO approach 1 mile.
Finish area...times, lactates and new stories to tell.
Alex hammers in.
It was an interesting day because a bunch of people came in off of an easy week. Some felt great, others felt flat. It is always fun to figure out what makes each person feel their best.

Silas  11:09
Kyle  11:36
Paddy  11:42
Oscar  11:52
Ben S  12:18
Gabe  12:23
Kam  12:32
Russell 12:33
Ben O  12:46
Anne H 13:18
KO  13:36
Erika  13:37
Annie P  13:48
Mae  15:37
Riz  15:51
Anna L 15:58
Alex  16:33
Tegan  17:08
Mehana  18:00
Lillian  18:58

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Continuous L3

 This morning we had everyone do 30-45 minutes of continuous L3 training. The bulk of the group did it on the trail below school, running the downhills and bounding the ups. Each loop takes 7-9 minutes so most people did 5-6 loops.
 Sadie B was here for the devo workout. Special thanks to Patrick for leaf blowing the loop!
 Some of our 12th grade girls.
 Kam and Russell zip down the hill.
 While the others were bounding, Julia (above) and Riz had a good warm up then did 2x3km uphill. We have a killer hill that starts below school and goes up past school and to the top of the Tree Tops development.
Riz nears the top of her 2nd interval.

Everyone had a good workout and most of them enjoyed it (see Pip above).

Thursday, August 13, 2015

There Is Something Else About The Rain...

 ...It makes the really nice days feel even better!
 This morning everyone skied 10-20 kms of L3 in the town of Stratton.
 Russell nears the top of the 2 km climb.
 Mae and Julia.
 Chase is back!
 Poppet gives some pointers to Mehana and Mae.
 Kam went with the T2 guys (and Kyle and Torch) for the first part, then joined some of the Jrs for the last one.
 Some of the girls team.
 The older guys.
And...Annie H and Erika chasing shadows.
It was a good workout for all, 30-40 kms of skiing with some good L3. Now it's lunch time...skate agility and strength later this afternoon.