Saturday, August 23, 2014

L3 at BMD

 This morning we did one of our "go to" summer workouts at Ball Mtn Dam. Everyone skied 3-4x 4km L3. We try to improve our base fitness during the summer by training solid volume and improving our speed at L3.
 We started with a 5 km warm up and some technique work, then got into the workout.
 Tegan is working on getting in a higher, forward position.
 We had 4 coaches and 8 athletes this morning so everyone got some private help and video.
Russell is back from his bike across America.
Riz nears the finish of interval #3. Everyone did a good job of pacing (most got faster each interval) and working on keys for improvement.
This afternoon, we have foot agility and strength.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

SMS Jr Camp Ends With Hike/Run OD

 We finished up Jr Camp with a fun run/hike this morning out to Stratton Pond and then over the mountain and back to school.
 We had 3 groups; one ran from school....
 ..the second roller skied (bum knees) in Manchester...
 ..and the thrid started on top of North Brookwood.
 Other than the starting point, everyone did the same basic loop.
 As we gained elevation, we went into a cloud..but it wasn't wet...just cool.
 The only bummer was that we were not able to get the views on top of the fire tower.
Everyone got in a solid 2.5-3 hours workout and returned for lunch and the camp wrap up meeeting and t-shirt distribution.
 Our T2 team was on hand to sign the camp t's. Hopefully when they are kicking butt this winter, the campers will have a close connection.

Most of the group poses for an end of camp picture.

Thanks to all of the coaches, the T2 team and the Canadian team for helping at camp. AND..thanks to all of the campers for coming and working hard!

Time for a rest day :)

More pictures on SMS Nordic facebook.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Afternoon Games

 After a morning of skate sprinting, we spent the afternoon working on skits, classic technique and our physio ball soccer skills.
 Malcolm strides it out at the no pole station.
 Team "Chase" skis with Andy.
 Annie P works with team "Poppet".
 Simi gives some tips to the older boys.
 ...more follow the leader with Andy.
 Jessie leads a drill.
 Patrick tries his hand at a fast speed diagonal turn.
 ...still going...
 How do you entertain 55 kids on a soccer field? 4 goals and 3 big balls helps!
 Not sure what Russell is trying to do here...

Lots of fun on the field was followed by dinner and some entertaining skits. Now everyone is stacking some zzzz's and dreaming about tomorrows foot OD.

Jr Camp Speed/Sprint Practice

This morning we got to watch 3 World Champions plus 3 more World Cup podium skiers throw down in a sprint practice.
 Above, Alex Harvey and Annie P in their prelims.
 The T2 girls and Rosie during warm up.
 The men working it.
 Fun and games between heats.
 Sophie leading the girls.
 Devon Kershaw leading the pack of guys with Alex, Simi, Ben and Lenny in tow.
 After watching the USST and Canadian skiers, it was the campers turn to try a similar workout. Everyone did 5-6 x 2 minute intervals..starting fast and ending faster.

Other than a little road rash, a great time was had by all.
Check out SMS Nordic on facebook for lots of pictures from the morning.