Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tour Of S. VT (day 2)

 What a difference a day makes. We had some thunder storms roll through last night and usher in some cooler drier air so today was delightful. We did a nice classic ski in the morning, starting in Manchester, going up through Pawlet, over the hill to Danby and then back to Manchester.
 The ski took us past lots of farmland and rolling hills.

 At 45 km, the group was happy to se the van with Power bars and gatorade.
 Ko and Gavin at 60 kms, are happy to call it a good morning.
This afternoon, everyone hiked Bromley, then went down the front side and rode the alpine slide to the bottom. Some of the eager beaver U16 boys then hiked back up and rode the slide again (and again). They were too fast for me to get pictures.
Our girls joined in with the T2 team and their "Summit Sisters" hike. It was pretty neat to see 25 women hike up the mountain and enjoy the great day.

Here are most of the females who showed up for the hike.

Tomorrow we will do a good bike ride with a couple of killer hills...stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tour Of S. VT (day 1)

Gavin M., Jack E., Koby
 Every July we have a mini camp for the SMS kids and try to get in a good volume week.  We started by going to the White Mtns for roller skiing and hiking, but the last 3 years we have kept it in Southern Vt.
Riz, Alex, Pip, Tegan
 Usually we have 3 days of long OD's, but this year we switched it up a bit and added an unadvertised day. Yesterday we did 2 good workouts and although it was not an official part of our tour, everyone had 3 good hours of training.
Erika, Katharine, Adam, Sophie, Ben, Neil, Connor, Eli
 Today was another hot one with a threat of afternoon thunderstorms so we did one of our favorite combi OD's; a 2 hour skate followed by a run/hike to Little Rock Pond.
Lillian, Mehana and Charlotte check in with Poppet
 The first part of the ski is very flat, but the last 5 kms are a monster climb. Everyone did well with hydration and by the time it got really hot, they were climbing the hill in the shade of the trees.
Feed station

T2 girls and KO check in with Patrick
  From the end of the ski, it is a bit over 4 miles to Little Rock Pond on the Green Mtn trail. If you have never hiked this trail, do it. It is a nice trail with some excellent views and a nice ending spot. Best time to go is late September.

 The reward is a 30' jump into the cool waters below....and...lunch.

 Ian T attenpts a flip off the small rock (luckily it was the 10' rock because it did not end well).
Some of da boys.
...and da girls.
This afternoon it is time to rest up. We have a Classsic ski and a hike planned for tomorrow and a long bike for Friday.

Running In The Heat

It was a hot day yesterday. We had a 12 km L3 run scheduled and we managed to do pretty well because we ran at 9 am and the course was in the shade.
Everyone did 1 or 2X 5.7 km loops on the West River trail. It is a very nice, flat trail. We were trying to dial in our L3 effort and learn how to run fast and relaxed.
Everyone did quite well. We tested lactates on as many people as we could and most were in the 3-5-6 mml range (which was our goal).

Lillian and Mehana.
Everyone had a 5 minute break between loops. This gave Matt a chance to take lactates and Sverre a chance to record info. Poppet cheered and took the pictures :).
Riz zips up the only hill on the loop.
BO :).
Some of our younger skiers did 1 loop L3, then jogged around and cheered.
Mehana and Lillian.
Everyone had a nice dip after the workout then went home for a rest before the afternoon workout.
During the afternoon the 2 Annies led the group in a warm up and some stretching before the group did some funky foot relays and strength.

The new Air Awareness building is going up quickly and should be ready by the start of school.
Mehana lunges after the slalom.

Too many things going on here to explain :).
We beat the heat by taking water breaks every 15 minutes.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

L3 on Mtn

 Happy birthday Mae!
We did our L3 striding up the mtn today. The eneregy was good and the horseflies were not too bad so it was a fine day.
 Finn and Wyatt.


 All done and ready to cheer on the older skiers.

 We do this workout every couple of weeks with 7 minutes of L3 followed by 3 minutes of coming down for recovery. Everyone did 5-6 intervals. We like the workout because it is pretty easy to dial in your L3..hard, but not any workout, you can see improvement.
Usually everyone can make it so their last interval brings them to the top of the ski hill.
This afternoon we have skate agility and strength, then a couple of easy days before our Tour of Southern VT.