Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Rolling In The Heat

 Hailey S and Hannah H are here training with us for the week before they head to Norway with KO on the USST trip. Too bad they picked the hottest week of the summer...but..we are training early enough to cope (this morning the workout started at 70 degrees and finished at 83).
 We have some great roller skiing around here so they have been able to ski some rolling hills.
 Yesterday was a classic day with some speeds.

 This morning we went to Ball Mtn Dam for our L3 skate workout. Everyone does the first 4 km interval on their own, but after that the goal is to follow a T2 skier.
This morning we had a couple of good trains out there :).
 Andy and Kamran.
 Annie H and Erika lead Alex, Charlotte, Tegan, Mehana, Julia, Ana and Anna.
 Pretty well syncronized.
 Concentration :)
 Jessie leads KO, Hailey and Hannah.
 Sophie leads Riz, Pip and Asa.
 ...and..Devo skiers Leah and Sadie practice under Poppets watchful eye(s).
At the end of the interval, the group puts on a 30 second sprint. Interesting how much easier it is to follow someone who is going L3 than it is to sprint with them after 4 kms of their L3.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Skate Technique with T2

 Thanks to SMS T2 team members, Erika and the two Annies for leading us in a skate technique workout this morning.
 Erika took our older girls.
 Annie H took the younger kids.

 Annie P helped the older boys.

 They pulled out all of the tricks from no pole to one pole to bungee pulls, jumps, hot feet and tempo changes.

 It is always good to hear stuff from someone new. It is also very good to try to teach technique. was an exceelent morning for everyone.

Thanks ladies!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Distance Bike

 Luckily we started at 8 this morning because it was hot and humid for our bike ride. We started in Manchester, headed north to Wells, then east and south to get to Danby before heading  down rte 7 for the finish. There was a stiff breeze blowing north so everyone felt like champs early on and the we were forced to work on pace lines at the end.
 Thanks to Austin for snapping some shots as he rode (I can't do that).
 There is an old saying for corn...knee high by the 4th of July..looks as if there isn't a problem down in the valley.

 Alex (above) and Erika (below) sport their PB clothing.

 Rte 30 had some rough pavement sections, but the rest of the ride was pretty good. There is one BIG climb getting up to Danby, but a nice reward on the downside.
 Water breaks were important in the heat.
No crashes. No bonks. A good way to end the week.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Race For The Cure

 This morning we had a group go down to Manchester and run in the Race For The Cure 5/10 km.
Above, Annie H, Annie P, Erika, Ben and KO are in the lead pack at 1 km.
 It was very humid, but luckily the race was early enough so it was not too hot.
 Lauren, Alex and Mae started out together in the 10 km.
 Anna L was too fast for me to get an action shot of her..she flew around the 5 km.
 Mehana is all business as she finishes the 5 km.
 KO zips in with a second place finish. Annie H won, Annie P 3rd and Erika 4th for a dominant SMS showing.
 Lauren hammers home.
The cousins had a mad sprint for the finish. It looked as if Charlotte might get Mae, but Mae had the inside of the corner and won by a "nose" :).

One thing we are interested in is how everyone felt after 3 days of hard training and then one rest day. This is a harder week for us and it is important to see how each person reacts to the stimulus.

All in all, it was a good day :).