Tuesday, September 23, 2014

MAU 5K XC running race 9/16/14

Some clips of SMS runners from Willow Park in Bennington, VT

mau xc 9-16-14 from matt boobar on Vimeo.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Great Saturday

 Yesterday our SMS T2 team skied their 100 km ski-a-thon while the SMS students headed to Pine Hill Park in Rutland for a run/mtn bike dual-athlon followed up by a great dinner at the Witkowski house.
Hopefully the Rutland/Witkowski events will get their own blog (I was with the T2 team).
The T2 team started their ski in Arlington and skied down through Shushan, Cambridge and the surrounding area.
Above, the team is all smiles at their 9:15 start time.
 The "side" roads in the area are great for roller skiing with rolling, semi hilly terrain, great pavement and very little traffic.
 Annie P's dad, Al, and Simi's mom, Ruth, biked along for moral support.

 The day was cloudy with temps in the mid 60's. There was a strong breeze so as the team looped around different roads they had some headwinds and some tailwinds.
 Every 20-30 kms, the group would stop for food and goodies. Each person had a "secret santa" so at every stop little presents would pop up.
 The team started with 50 kms of classic, then they switched to skate skiing.
 The boys would get ahead and take little extra out and backs so they finished their 100 km before the girls. Above, the boys are done and cheering the girls up a hill with 7 km to go.

All done! More presents...(look at AP's lips)...
,,and a post ski picture. Still smiling after 100 kms!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Busy, busy...

 Perfect fall training weather and busy days have been the theme this week.
Above, Andy and Ben hammer out some d-pole intervals testerday morning...
 ..while the T2 girls work onL3 striding...
 Meanwhile the SMS kids get in a giid 1.5-2 hr skate cruise of 20-35 kms.

 This morning we worked on classic technique, specific strength and speed.

 It was a good wake up call for our afternoon running race.

 We went back to Bellows Falls for our 2nd race there in 10 days. Everyone was a bit tired from the big week of training, but the weather was perfect and we were excitied to look for personal improvement(s).
 Some of the girls doning there plaid in memory of Meghan Ives.
 The boys hammer out of the start.
 Koby, Russell and Ben, our 3,4,5 runners each set PR's for the course. Actually...almost everyone had significant PR's today..pretty cool to see them be able to do that in the middle of a big training week.

 Our girls team is awesome...with all of the nordies plus 3 pineys, a snowboarder and a freestyle skier, it is a big and fast group :)
 The girls start.
 Ana and Pip at 1.5 km.
 Katharine with a sizable lead at 3.5 km..
Zoe, Emily F and Christina.
Both of our teams won the team events with a combination of speed and depth; but the best part was that almost everyone set 5 km PR's.
Thanks to Bellows Falls for running another great race and congratulations to everyone.

DP Tech Vid

Another Tech Vid

BMD DP Tech (1280 x 720) from matt boobar on Vimeo.