Friday, December 12, 2014

Last One Out

 Here are some pictures of our team racing around the football stadium at the University of Laval in Quebec City.
The races were run in a fun, last one standing/out format. Starting half way through each race, the last 1-3 skiers would be pulled each lap so by the time the bell lap came, there would only be 4-5 skiers left. Each lap was 400 meters and everyone raced 8 (U14's) to 12 laps.
It was lots of fun and we would all like to thank Laval for hosting the event.
Above, Charlotte looks over for advice, or the lap count :). She skied great, but miscounted her laps and  missed her sprint. In all fairness, the girl who took the win over her skied very well and may well have won anyways.
 Will was in a tough battle, but he came out on top.

 Ana L and Mehana skied very well, placing 1,4 in the U16 race.
 It was pretty cool to see everyone on the large screen in the background.

 U16 boys had a very competitive field with a Canadian National champ and a bunch of our boys.

 Russell and Adam in 2nd and 3rd.
 Poppet showing her moves :)
 U18 warm up.
 ..end of lap 1.
 end of lap 5...
 end of race....
 Koby, Kam and Will hit the bell lap.
 KO off and charging to victory.
 Max got to mix it up with some very good skiers.
 U18 girls podium with Pierre Harvey.
 U18 boys podium sweep.
Max and the open men.
All in all, it was a great way to start the season. Good spirits and good skiing from everyone!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Soft Snow Skiing

Yesterday was a windy, snowy day. It was next to impossible to determine how much snow we got because the wind was gusting so much. However, it is obvious that we got a solid amount. The skiing this morning was very scenic with all of the new snow. It also made for great practice for skiing in soft snow.
We paired up and tried different techniques, different impulses etc and then everyone headed off for an easy distance ski.
Above, Max and Koby work on floating.
 Riz and KO.
 Winter termers, Will and Conor.
 Alex and Tegan.
 Charlotte and Anna.
 Sophie and Mae.
 Russell and Neil.
 Ben and Eli.
 Lafe, Kamran.
 Adam and Ana.
Mehana and Pip. Lillian was resting (sore throat) and somehow I missed Vikky and Will (sorry).
Most everyone found that on the flats, a V2 with a longer, smoother push was the way to go.

This afternoon we are heading into Quebec City for a walk about and crepes :).

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

No Questions Day

We are in the middle of our Fall Camp and we coaches find ourselves bombarded each day by an over abundance of questions: what kind of skiing are we doing today, how long, what wax should I put on, how many layers, where are we going, where is the apple juice, where is the cream cheese, where is my phone, how do I run the dryer, where should I put this, why am I here (well not that one), but you'd be amazed at the flurry of questions we are bombarded with by these 25 kids.  So after last night's meeting when Sverre relayed today's plan, we coaches proclaimed it "No Questions Day".  No questions.  None.  Figure it out.  Look for it.  Make due.  It's amazing how much still got done - how they all survived…..

We've been enjoying nice skiing.  Here are some pics from classic drills we did to work on gliding and weight shift.
Puttin' down the poles for some classic drills
Alex in front of a train

Ben and Willy

Char Char



Mae & Soph



Pip & Tegan

Sver demonstrating the stride, stride, glide drill

Will & Kam
Then we added poles - Lillian a blur

Pip & Tegan
Taking a break between drills

Lil' Will has been skiing a lot.  Thus the massive sandwich he has mastered making eat day.  The bite marks prove that his mouth is big enough to get around it.  That's a big mouth!
New ski socks!

4 Piggies on the bed
4 Piggies in the bed

Yesterday a storm was brewing, and today it was blowin' and snowin'.  It was one of the windiest skis I have ever had.  Trees were snapping.  Everyone came in covered with snow…..



Snokam and Snoli
 & A Snorley
We're back at it tomorrow,  prepping for our version of Friday Night Lights - races in Quebec City friday night under the lights in a football stadium.